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Well, it's finally Springtime in the Rockies!

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The sun is shining and you might be thinking about taking your first road trip with your furry buddy. There are so many great places to hike, camp and stay that are pet-friendly too! 

Try this link for ideas from Click here  

Also, there a few things to keep in mind for the comfort and safety of your pet too; number one is have your vet check out your pet before going on the road, take a short test trip to make sure your dog doesn't get car-sick and stop every 3 to 4 hours to let your pet stretch their legs and have a water and snack break.

Please remember to never leave your pet alone in your vehicle...extreme temperatures can lead to disaster in just minutes.

Be Prepared & Have:

  • Your Pet's Medicines
  • A Couple Bottles of Fresh Water
  • Your Dog's Favorite Food
  • Any Special Toys or Blankets for Comfort
  • Consider a Window Shade for the Back Window
  • Keep the Back Windows Shut so Your Pet Won't Jump out
  • Consider a Crate or Pet Harness 
  • Plan Your Route to Know Where Emergency Help is

Road trip with dog ideas, travel safely with pets, vehicle safety check

Most important please have your car checked out before hitting the road as a car break down could ruin everything for both of you... So, be sure to schedule your appointment with Clint before you go!

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